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  • OMG! They’ve moved to Whitehorse!

    In 1974 we abandoned Calgary for a new life in Whitehorse with Henry the ’51 Ford pickem-up, a homemade camper, a crap no-name trailer, a 70 Dodge Dart named The Prairie Chicken, and a 4 month old baby boy named Kiyoshi. Oh yeah. And no jobs. We did have enough savings to survive for two…

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  • What’s Gonna Kill Me This Week?

    Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend with the media? The number of articles on stuff that’s gonna kill ya? It seems like every few weeks there’s another in-depth article on dangerous stuff. Especially stuff you enjoy.I think there’s a seriously morbid team of producers out there and they need psychological help. I’m not arguing…

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  • OMG! It’s a Pit Bull!

    No it isn’t. It’s a bull terrier. No prefixes.A pit bull has a forehead. A bull terrier’s head looks like a football. He’s got this great big nose so he can lower his head and bash in the bathroom door without missing a step. And then he stands there wagging his tail and grinning, as…

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